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Octopus and rocket
Banderillas of squid, shrimp and fried zucchini
Sardinian gnocchi
Fish: Mixed fried fish


Choose between the strong and decisive flavors of earth and fine and delicate fragrance of the sea, the traditional dishes of Sardinian and Sassari cooking that we prepare for you!

Delicious appetizers of the house (6 variations of seafood) 18,00
Assortment of raw shellfish 18,00
Shellfish soup 10,00
Octopus with arugula 9,00
Refreshed monkfish 9,00
Banderillas of squid, shrimp and zucchini 6,00
Marinated mussels 9,00
Artichokes and roe 9,00
Mixed Salami and Gnagnarie 9,00
Spaghetti with sea urchin 14,00
Spaghetti with clams and mullet 12,00
Spaghetti with shrimp and fresh tomato 12,00
Spaghetti all sea (mussels, clams, crabs, squid) 12,00
Risotto fisherman 12,00
Fish soup with clams and fregula(tipical sardinian pasta) 12,00
Rigatoni with smoked ricotta and fresh tomato 10,00
Ricotta ravioli with tomato and basil 10,00
Sardinian gnocchi with sauce tomato 10,00
Fennel soup 10,00
Pasta and chickpeas or lentils or beans 7,00
Polenta and sausage 10,00
Catch of the day (ask to the owner) €/hg 6,00
Roasted or fried squids 10,00
Golden fried salt cod with potatoes 10,00
Roasted Prawns 13,00
Grilled shrimp, prawns and squid 18,00
Mixed fried fish 13,00
Mullet "Ciampi" 13,00
Swordfish with tomatoes, capers and potatoes 13,00
Roasted eel or cassola 13,00
Grilled beef tenderloin and potatoes or salad 15,00
Cut of beef with arugula and potatoes 12,00
Horse or donkey with baked potatoes 10,00
Tripe with tomato sauce and pecorino 9,00
Brains, sweetbreads and fried grains 9,00
Cordula with peas 10,00
Legs of lamb in garlic sauce 9,00
Coratella lamb with olives or roasted 10,00
Lamb drunk and olives 13,00
Monzette "Sassari" or roasted 10,00
Valencian Paella
Fish Soup
Roasted Suckling Pig

except for errors of publishing, indicative prices, please refer to those set out in the local.

Trattoria La Vela Latina - Largo Sisini 3, 07100 Sassari (SS), Sardinia ITALY - n. vat 01930970908

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